Open Lab for Business

Saty & Pratha shoot seven peach-fuzzed boys for the new issue of Open Lab magazine, an NYC based biannual. Styled by TJ Gustave in what I consider wardrobe staples, they lounge around providing snippets to Virginia Jackson-Reed. Featuring our very own (well, not really) Joe Collier (we’re proud, okay?) among other fresh spuds like Nicklas Kingo, Simonas Pham and Jack Lankford, this story is getting me all babysitter’s club excited. In other news, it’s my birthday tomorrow, so early birthday gift to me.


Jack Lankford
Age: 20
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

If you learn nothing else from/about Jack, know that: Kansas City is, “the best place to get away from, the worst place to go to,” his million dollar ideas include converting an apartment building into a vertically integrated urban farm, and a “lawnmower helicopter”, and that her fully intends to “change the world”.

Nicklas Kingo
Age: 22
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Nicklas is still adjusting to the ups and downs of modeling. He describes “comedowns” and “empty” feelings after big shows like Louis Vuitton (which was streamed live worldwide). He’s boarding a plane in a few hours, and it seems he’s counting the minutes-he tells me he’s craving shawarmas, missing his mum. Though, protest as he may, he secretly loves being on the road: “I know two weeks later, I’ll wanna get out again.”


Joe Collier
Age: 20
Hometown: Manchester, England

Joe’s not one for plans-it’s not really how they do things in Manchester. So when asked if he has a “five-year plan” he assures me, “Not even a five day plan.” After all, the golfer-turned-model never would have imagined a catwalk career, or that he’d be asked to shoot a “model diary” during the coming runway season in Milan and Paris. “The modeling thing came out of the blue. The best things are opportunities that present themselves”.

Simonas Pham
Age: 20
Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania

When Simonas tagged along with a friend to a casting, he had no idea that he’d end up getting signed. And despite modeling temporarily derailing his studies, his intentions are to “finish [his] studies and become a lawyer.”

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Fresh off the Runway

With every new season comes new beginnings. True to that, the new Menswear Fashion Week F/W ‘13 has brought us a ton of new faces to look out for. Here is a list of our top boys who have manged to steal the season.


Almantas Petkunas As predicted, this Lithuatian bloke made a brilliant entrance this season. He debuted in London, opening for the controversial J.W. Anderson show. This was then followed by other blue chip shows in Milan and Paris such as Jil Sander, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Dries van Noten. We told you he was going to be big.


Botond Cseke With his hypnotic eyes and sharp angular features, this Hungarian was surely able to catch the attention of tons of casting directors. With a total of 11 shows including opening for John Galliano and closing for John Lawrence Sullivan and Christian Lacroix, impressive might even be an understatement.


Conor Doherty After winning the Elite Model Look, good things had been coming Conor’s way. He had a total of 12 shows which includes top fashion houses Burberry, Valentino and Dries van Noten. With his adorable boy next door look, what’s there not to love?


Justin Sterling Good timing is key to success. After starting in the industry for a year, Justin finally got his break as he made an outstanding debut for the season. Opening for Kris van Assche and bagging a total of 13 shows, he is a living proof that good things come to those who wait.


Sung Jin Park Coming from a solid debut season in New York, with a Marc by Marc exclusive tucked safely under his belt, his first menswear season did not fail to impress. He finished the season with 10 shows including closing for Miharayasuhiro.

Runway Roundup

With London fashion week transpiring Monday, we collectively went through our favourite new faces that will be sure to leave footprints on many a runway. This isn’t a countdown, but rather, a haughty (see: hottie) prediction. We haven’t been this excited since cryogenic Tupac was unfroze for the Coachella show. Our eyes will be glued to the runway, if only to see these boys stomp up a storm. Casting directors? Take note. Readers hereabouts? Drool.

Vic van der Well @ FORD
Angular in appearance, this Dutch newcomer has already done a stint on the Lanvin S/S 2013 catwalk with a Parisian season already under his belt. A slew of editorials later and we think Vic is finally ready to blossom.

Marton Dorfler @ WHY NOT
This October-born Libra has the balanced features that booked him the Balenciaga campaign. Now all we have to do is sit back and wait. Hailing from Hungary, land of hard-to-pronounce-names, he was scouted on the street doing capoeira moves. With a unique look destined for editorials, we just hope he can do a roundabout on the catwalk.

Almantas Petkunas @ SUCCESS
Bastiaan van Gaalen is the Kevin Bacon of the modelling world. Every model seems to somehow resemble him (though none can touch him). So his is the scale against which we measure most talent. This Lithuanian looker takes a page out of the BvG volume with his high forehead and strong jawline. He’s fresh out the runway, as they say, and we think he’ll be a great addition to any catwalk this season.

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Nick Heymann Dances Gangnam Style

The world didn’t end, but it’s about to. Nick Heymann, the Jil Sander prince, the German wunderkind scouted by a school friend Louisa, does the Gangnam Style dance exclusively for See Like Me. Fitting, since the video’s inception into billionth-view territory. Nick loves Oreos, Christmas pillows, and loathes creepy dates and moving boxes. He is lensed by Veronika Faustmann, to whom we owe ein bier…


Nic Johnson

Perfect for whistling at other arresting models, Nic Johnson has a lockdown on his party trick. Brit Brit’s Toxic is his specialty—the only song she won a Grammy for, FYI. Sam Moukhaiber, Canada’s resident A-list photographer, shoots Nic in all his wit and self-deprecating charm exclusively for your eyes only. Kidding, share this with all your friends. Nic Johnson is repped by Mode Models.

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Thore Heinrichs

Thore came to my attention more or less when I made this post. So while being not the newest Deutscher (pronounced doucher…actually, I don’t know) on the block, he’s still pretty fresh on the international scene. Thore spends his free time tossing around a large hammer (we wish). He also has a brother, Eric, at the same agency, TIAD. Shot by Leon Reindl, Thore tells us a bit about Peter Pan shadow stalkers, being scouted by a friend of Eva Goedl, and body surfing on the coast of France.

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Jordan Burman

We had a chance to ask Jordan Burman @ Select about his favourite chat-up lines in an exclusive photoshoot by Marek Chorzepa. Scouted on Oxford Street, the charming lad is quite soft spoken. Maybe after a few strong drinks… Jordan moonlights as a DJ with aspirations of a permanent spot on the Ibiza roster. Wearing the likes of Prada, Raf Simons x Fred Perry, NIKE, and Frank Turner, Jordan turns pensive. Styling and video by Joonatan Allandi. Make-up and hair by Daisy Harris d’Andel. Full credits below.

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Sam Muir

Sam Muir thugs it out in an exclusive editorial by Zachary Handley, styled by Anna Santangelo. Sam plays up the /chav/ stereotype of the streetwear sporting, oppressive bracket mostly found in the now defunct USSR. According to Wikipedia, chavvy means youth, and there is also apparently a derogatory term for females, too: chavette. No exclusion here. For full credits see below.

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Alex Staudal Interview

The Danes are coming, and after a fresh spring bathe you can bet they’re rearing to get to the top of the pack. Alex Staudal, new face at Mix Model Management, gave us a little talking to in an exclusive interview and photoshoot by Zak Krevitt. Mix is a brand new agency headed by Wayne Sterling, who we profiled last month. Alex warns us about shallow diving, why he’s not into blind dates, and how he’s keeping it real…

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Meet Joe Collier

That was a play on the film name Meet Joe Black (1998), except here NY Models new face Joe Collier takes to the streets wearing Comme des Garçons, Patrik Ervell, COMUNE, Richard Chai, and Band of Outsiders. Styled by Drew Van Diest and lensed by Ryan Kibler, we’re seeing streetwear come back in a big way. See full credits for each look below.

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