Henrik Purienne Interview

It’s definitely safe to say that everybody is jealous of Henrik Purienne's day job. And possibly even night job. Interesting private glimpses into a private world entices every dirty mind. Henrik Purienne is a photographer, and his work opens sexual doors (and drawers) to the public. Provocateur? Absolutely. He’s been described as many things, and the winning word seems to always be sexy. It’s quite funny what I’ve found with a quick google: "Purienne is a reluctant film maker and photographer who’s mindless simplicity often gets confused for artistic genius". As well as, "I love the private-like, full of some kind of spontaneousness and of course sexiness, photos coming from Henrik Purienne. Pure sweetness.” No matter how he is described, we cannot deny that his work creates quite a controversy. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Trey Taylor: Can you please fill this out?
Name: Purienne
Age: 26
Occupation: Documentary Filmmaker
Currently Resides: Cape Town / Paris
Favourite Song THIS MINUTE: Windsurfer by Roy Orbison

Trey Taylor: How would you describe what you do? Do you think of it as a job?
Henrik Purienne: no way. jobs are for suckers. i just have fun with my girlfriends..

TT: What was your childhood like? Was there a certain day in your childhood that you remember vividly?
HP: pretty cool. i vividly remember walking barefoot over a bed of glowing hot coals..
TT: What is an average day like for Henrik Purienne?
HP: i wouldnt know.. i’ve never had an average day. drumroll?
TT: Was it through hard work, or by chance, that you have garnered success and a considerable following?
HP: its really just a combination of instinct, genetics and indifference. TT: It’s obvious that you’re work is raw, edgy, intimate. How do you create such a feeling on set? Are the vibes tense or relaxed?
HP: hey man, the only ‘set’ i know is in tennis..
TT: Do you develop relationships with these girls? Or strictly business?
HP: you see, it’s basically like a mullet.. business in  front. party in the back.
TT: Any scandals come ever come out of your work? Has anybody disproved so far?
HP: my lame girlfriend. she just doesnt ‘get’ art, man. what’s her freakin’ problem? TT: You must have come across a lot of challenges in your rise to success. How do you overcome such challenges? Is there one in particular that was quite the hurdle?
HP: well.. i had asthma as a kid. Berotec 100 saved me.
TT: Leave us with something we can whisper in somebody’s ear.
HP: roll the dice. pay the price.

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Thanks Henrik Purienne! Your sultry work is fascinating and I can’t take my eyes off it! g