Alexander Fury Lives Up To His Name

Alexander Fury lived up to his name today, when he took to twitter to rant about one Alexa Chung. I know, this ain’t a news blog, and this type of thing you’d more expect to read on Jezebel, but give me a break, I just had to use that pun. Chung, recent recipient of the British Style Award two years running, is basically one of those fashion floaters who cruises on by, adorned with such labels as “muse”, and “fashionista”. That is to say, she basically doesn’t belong in fashion at all. So when Alex Fury was viewing the Chanel Paris-Bombay pre-fall collection on Daily Mail, and he was suggested an irrelevant article by said site about whether or not Alexa Chung was looking too thin, Alexander Fury became—for lack of a better word—furious. The unique part of this entire rant was that it was extremely direct (albeit one-sided), with Alex blatantly coming out and saying, “I HATE ALEXA FUCKING CHUNG SO MUCH”, and, among other things, calling her (my favourite) Alexa “Cow Dung” Chung—definitely a zinger. The irony here is that Alexander Fury is mostly known for his exacto-knife prose in pinpointing a collection, with a critical voice that is, dare I say, among the top echelons of fashion’s critics (i.e. Tim Blanks and Cathy Horyn). While he is used to taking a back seat and critiquing from the comfort of his office chair in a one-sided, indisputable conversation, it just seems a bit of a shock when he attacks somebody so personally. Not that I care for Alexa Chung at all. I, too, would place her among the top echelons of cow dung. But let’s be fair. All this is intended to… what? Make her go away? Make her feel bad? Both? At least it’s some good hearty fashion entertainment that you don’t have to pay for, because let’s face it, that collection was Bom-boring. [Edit: Alex Fury emailed me to make a correction about my lack of information, and to add: “I actually liked the Chanel collection. The ivory outfits with sari drapery and sarouel arrangements around the hips were beautiful, although I’m not a fan of brocade pedal-pushers”].