Adidas Originals + Opening Ceremony

Assuming I’ll win one of the sixteen contests I entered to be flown to the Olympics this summer, I’ve decided what I’ll be wearing. Adidas Originals has paired with Opening Ceremony to create a capsule collection. Shot by Josh Olins and featuring Xiao Wen Ju, Camille Rowe, Jordan Torres, and Shane Gibson, this is one of the best lookbooks ever. Lookbooks really know how to lull to a state of paralysis, but this one ain’t a sleeper! Besides, look at all the different ways to incorporate handkerchief patterns into one shirt. I’m no Jessica Simpson, but those are some boots that I’d like to walk-in. Okay, that was a stretch… like the spandex-infused body suit. Zing! Alright, I’ll stop. Somebody just get me to the Opening Ceremony that has just opened in London. More here.