Siri Tollerød Interview

Siri Tollerød is gorgeous. That’s most likely the reason why I’ve written about her before. Born 1987, she’s worked with Steven Meisel, Craig McDean, Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Klein, Ellen Von Unwerth, Miles Aldridge, Armin Morbach and been in Vogue, Dazed & Confused, and Numéro to name a few. Her beauty is something that you don’t come across on the daily. But what’s more, is her attitude, her charm. You can just tell that she emanates positive energy with everything she does. And it just makes me proud to say that we’d love to know more Siri. Do more. Be who you are, because we love it. Let’s get down to the chat, shall we?

Trey Taylor: Can you please fill this out?
Name: Siri Tollerød
Age: 20
Occupation: Model
Currently Resides: New York

Trey Taylor: So, everybody is interested in Siri. From the icy cold Norway. Can you tell us a bit of what Norway is like?
Siri Tollerød: I am from the south of norway so it is not as cold as in the north. It is a really long country! they say that if you turn it upside down, it reaches the southern tip of italy! :)
we have beautiful nature and amazing fish! hehe

TT: There seems to be a major lack of info on you. Can you tell us 5 things about yourself that people would otherwise not know?
1. I broke my arm twice
2. I have one sister, Susanne, who is 19
3. I am close to my family
4. I sing alot
5. I’m an optimist

TT: Will you give us some insight into your childhood?
ST: I have always lived in the same place. I started school at 7 and was always into some sort of after school activities like horses, skiing (cross country), european handball, aerobics, singing, +++
Every summer my family would go for a week or so to our summer cottage in a city about an hour drive from our house, and during fall and winter we woud spend many weekends at our cottage in the mountains

TT: Okay, so this is probably another cliché question. But nobody really answers it well.So. How is it like working with Steven Meisel?
ST: hehe I don’t think that I have a better answer, it was a good experience! He was good to work with.

TT: That Meisel guy is definitely a hard fish to pin down. What are your goals for your modeling career? Do you plan to pursue anything besides modeling?
ST: I don’t know my goals exactly, I do the modeling for now, I find it interesting and fun! Later I would like to work within PR and marketing!

TT: Can you tell us the story of your discovery? Were you just hiding behind a rack atH&M or what?
ST: Hehe i was actually doing the last of my christmas shopping with three other girlfriends and happened to be at H&M when Donna Ioanna came over to me :)

TT: I read somewhere that you are a major advocate for environmental well being. Where does that passion come from?
ST: I think that we should all take care of the earth and do our bit to make the world a better place! If we want to stay on this planet we must take care of it! Recycle, use public transportation, bike, jog on your feet, and don’t throw garbage on the street! It is simple steps to follow!

TT: Do you find work to be challenging most days? Or do you mainly enjoy it?
ST: I mostly enjoy it:)

TT: Leave us with something we can smack our lips about.
ST: I can’t tell you! All my secrets are secrets;)

Thanks so much Siri! I hope you have success in everything you do because you def deserve it. Your northern beauty is something that will brighten even the darkest Canadian winter. You rock.