Daniel Sannwald Interview

Daniel Sannwald creates fashion optimism. His work? A bit of minimalism, a bit of sci-fi surrealist. It’s a swatch of really interesting ideas. What really turns my crank about Daniel Sannwald, is that his ideas don’t just stop at the end of a shoot. He’s as mysterious as the photos he takes (which are quite the mystery). He shot the editorial A New Dawn, A New Day for Dazed & Confused, and not only did he land the cover for the magazine, he’s done editorials for Dazed & Confused Japan as well. You can check out his super cool and mysterious website. Also, check his interview with Ones 2 Watch. Let’s unveil this shroud of mystery.

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Trey Taylor: Can you please fill this out?
Name: Daniel Sannwald
Age: 30
Occupation: Photographer
Currently Resides: Antwerp, Belgium + Munich, Germany
Favourite Song: “Daniel” by BAT FOR LASHES

Trey Taylor: I’d like to know everything. Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?
Daniel Sannwald: I grew up in the smallest village in south of Germany. I was playing a lot in the nature. I remember that I loved to eat the plums from our Tree in the garden in the summer.  With the age of 5 I moved to Munich were I spend the rest of my childhood. My mother told me that I had an obsession with WOOL in my childhood and I spend hours to spin huge woollen spider webs through all the rooms of our flat.

TT: Why fashion photography? There are jobs most of us haven’t even heard of, and you chose fashion photography. Any reasoning?
DS:I really like to work with Fashion and Photography. Until now it gives me a certain freedom to combine work and free work. But I always felt that Fashion Photography is not the end of my journey, I will do it as long as it gives me satisfaction but there are so many things in life, which I think I would enjoy like working with kids and film. Maybe at one point I would like to become a teacher or start doing documentary films.

TT: Who, thus far in your career, has been the most interesting person you’ve met?
DS: I met so many people in my life not just in my career that inspired me a lot. Some people which fascinated me by the things they had to say, others by the way they live and approach life, others for what they do. I can’t give a special importance to one of them.

TT: I like details. Obviously, the more details in an interview the better, as long as it’s not too redundant. Do you find yourself looking for details with your photography?
DS: Honestly I don’t work very detailed and define – it doesn’t suite my work. My actions are mostly out of emotions and I let things flow without starting to think too much about it. But I really do care in life for details – it’s the small things that makes me exited and which inspires me.

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TT: What do you feel you can accomplish with photography. Do you hope to change the way people think?
DS: If I can make them smile it’s enough for me.

TT: Are you searching for success? And how do you define success?
DS: I search for RECOGNITION.

TT: Most would not call your work “typical fashion”. But what is fashion, anyways? What does fashion mean to you?
DS: Fashion talks about Camouflage, Fetish, Exhibitionism, Mask, and many more things that make fashion so interesting for me to work with it.

TT: What has it taken to get yourself to where you are now? Hard work, obviously.
DS: it just happened.

TT: Tell us about a mystery not worth solving.
DS: Death.

Thanks so much Daniel! You’ve got our recognition. Your work still baffles me, but you’ve helped clear up some mystery for us. Good luck in future prospects.