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Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to Send Money from Japan?

 When you start receiving money while working in Japan, there are times when you need a money transfer service through banks or non-banks. This service is used to transfer your work money to Indonesia (or other countries).
There are times when you need to send money to families in Indonesia to pay off credit card bills, just give money to your family, or want to save money in rupiah. If that happens, here are some options for sending money from Japan to Indonesia.   

Transfer or transfer money from abroad is one of the services offered by banks. So, you can directly come to a local bank in Japan. Make sure you do have an account at the bank. However, this method of sending money via bank takes several days to arrive at a bank account in Indonesia. In addition, the cost is also not cheap. 
The majority of large banks provide money transfer services overseas through online banking. However, some banks still require customers to come to the branch office to transfer money. Usually, the recipient of the money must have an active bank account for money to be transferred. 

Money Transfer Company
Since 2010, Japan has allowed non-bank companies to conduct money transfer services. With the increasing number of foreign workers in Japan, the number of non-bank money transfer companies has also increased. Money transfer counters can be found everywhere, especially in major cities in Japan.  
When compared to banks, these companies are more flexible in offering their services. In addition, the cost of sending money is also cheaper. Before making a money transfer, you need to fill in the form as the registration process and show the original ID. In this process you are also asked to write down recipient data. After the transaction is complete you will receive a code number that must be informed to the recipient of the money to take the money. 
On the other hand, there are also several money transfer companies that provide direct transfer services with prior membership registration. If you become a member, you can send money directly to the account that is registered, can be your own account or family. So, the recipient does not need to carry out a complicated process of receiving money. 

Mobile Wallet
With the development of digital innovation, digital wallet and mobile money transfer applications, such as Smiles, are present.
In this way, sending and receiving money will be faster and cheaper, the same as when using the services of a non-bank money transfer company. However, in this way, you still have to use online banking because you have to connect the account to a digital wallet. In addition, the recipient of the money must also use the same application to receive money.

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