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Sunday, May 17, 2020

This is a Michelin-starred Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo, what's so special?

you a fan of ramen? If "yes", then Tsuta ramen and soba restaurant should be on your recommendation list. 
At this time it should be at home, but if the corona outbreak ends and there is a chance to walk in Tokyo, then visit this restaurant.

This ramen restaurant has gotten a Michelin star. This is one of the most famous ramen restaurants in Tokyo that attracts ramen lovers from inside and outside Japan. Come, see how lunge Tsuta.

Moved from Sugamo
Tsuta's restaurant founder, Yuki Onishi, is not satisfied with Tsuta despite having won many domestic and international awards.
In fact, the restaurant has opened a branch outside Japan. However, these things did not make Onishi introspective.
Instead, last November, Onishi shut Tsuta where he started and tried for seven years and became  ramenya (restaurant ramen ) first to be awarded a Michelin star.
Originally this restaurant is located in Sugamo, an ancient district famous for Tsuta's existence.

A month later, Onishi returned to action in a new area with new grounds and creations on his ramen dish .
So what is different? First, Tsuta is now located in Yoyogi-Uehara, a neighborhood in Tokyo that is more "lively" and modern than Sugamo. In addition, Yoyogi-Uehara is also much closer to the heart of Tokyo.
In other words, not only in geographical terms, Onishi is also more profitable in terms of reaching consumers.

The old Tsuta restaurant was too narrow and quiet. You enter, choose a menu from the ticket machine near the door, then sit in silence at the counter with nine seats waiting for your meal.
Feels like following the ceremony,  right ? However, that is the atmosphere of a classic ramen restaurant with its civilized nuance.
Now, the difference really contrasts! After climbing a few steps, you will be faced with a brightly lit dining room with an open kitchen.
There are seats for 11 people at the pitch black counter and seating and tables for 12 people in the back.

Different from the previous Tsuta restaurant, the current version of Tsuta is brighter, more spacious and relaxed.
Instead of bothering with the message machine, you just sit and then choose from the menu. Order and taste a little beer ( Heartland ) while choosing to want ramen with  shoyu (soy sauce),  zodiac  (salt), or  miso ?
All three choices are equally good. However, you want the original? Try the Tsuta shoyu  ramen  Even though I moved, it feels the same!

Ramen in Tsuta feels soft because it is made from four types of wheat flour directly from grinding stones. The ramen soup is rich in flavor with natural umami, the balance is perfect: it feels light on the tongue with a deep and concentrated taste that is a mixture of three different kinds of soy sauce.
To add to the complexity of  ramen , Onishi developed a black truffle  sauce  that was added to the  shoyu ramen  so that it combined savory taste with "earth" flavor. This sauce is Onishi's secret weapon that places his ramen more than others.
Furthermore, Onishi began to mix balsamic vinegar into his ramen, adding a sharp sweetness and soft sour.
With such a luxurious feeling, it's no wonder that  Shoyu Tsuta's ramen is  priced at 1,300  yen , even better if you add  another topping  . Add pieces of  char siew  (from Berkshire black pig) and ajitama eggs  (from Aomori Shamrock hen) for a total price of 650  yen . Guaranteed,  won't regret it !
If you are not satisfied, you can order  shredded black truffles  on top of  your ramen (by paying an additional price of 1,600  yen ). Does it have an effect on taste? Not really. However, the grated  black truffle  makes the dish look more attractive.

The advantage of Tsuta's move to Yoyogi-Uehara is that you don't need to arrive early to buy tickets and eat a chasing time. This procedure comes when Tsuta won his Michelin star in 2016 due to the booming queues .
Now, who is fast, he can. Moreover, during lunch hour, the queue is getting longer. However, if you arrive at the right time (one hour or less than closing time), you can walk in.
Although the pros and cons accompanied the new Tsuta, especially with the exorbitant price, all parties benefited when Tsuta now accepted credit cards and electronic money. Aside from that, Tsuta is now playing the song too! Onishi's favorite singer is David Bowie, and that's what you will hear all the time at Tsuta.
What does David Bowie mean to Onishi? He wrote: "I want to be David Bowie's world of  ramen , someone who ... changes the world through self-expression."

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