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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Unique, Hotels in Japan Hire 140 Robots as Staff

number of tourist arrivals is increasingly making several cities in Japan competing to open new hotels. 
Among these are Maihama and Shin-Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture. It is not only adjacent to the theme park, but can also be reached within 20 minutes by train from Tokyo Station.   

In addition to the establishment of new hotels, the addition of buildings, and renovation of buildings, the delivery of interesting entertaining themes can also be found here.
One of them is Henn-na Hotel which is currently being discussed. Thanks to its unique concept of using robots as hotel staff, the hotel is flooded with reservations!

Henn-na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay , which means "strange hotel" in Japanese has been operating since March 15, 2017 and is the second hotel to use the latest robot technology.

Around 140 robots with 90 different types are employed at this hotel. Ranging from multilingual dinosaur-shaped robots that can speak in various languages ​​as a receptionist, to cute egg-shaped robots who will welcome you in the room.
In addition to robotic hotels, casual hotels have also begun to emerge in areas crowded with these star hotels. Like La'gent Hotel Tokyo Bay, casual hotels with relatively affordable room rates. There is also the Hyatt Place Tokyo Bay, which prioritizes efficiency, not excessive service. The hotel, which will open in 2019, will become the first Hyatt Place brand in Japan.

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