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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

10 Traditional Bridal Designers in Indonesia

Talking about marriage certainly will not be separated from the wedding gown that will be worn by the bride on her special day.

The many different traditional traditions in Indonesia will require you to choose the right wedding dress designer to represent your dream dress and culture at the same time.

To help you, Bazaar collects a series of designers who have long contributed in juggling various traditional-style brides wearing traditional kebaya and traditional clothes. 

1. Anne Avantie

Spending his childhood in the city of Solo, Central Java, kebaya designer Anne Avantie began her career in designing clothes by designing various clothes for dance performances.

This shows how much he has dedicated himself to traditional kebaya dress that is full of Javanese culture.

His love of making clothes for elegant Indonesian women has been cultivated for 29 years. 

For those of you who are going to get married to Javanese traditional culture, a series of Anne Avantie's kebaya designs are certainly the right choice.

The hallmark of the design kebaya that unites the conservative side of Javanese culture with the contemporary side of the modern kebaya will balance your appearance on your wedding day.

Characteristic of the design that often uses tails hanging down to the floor will certainly provoke the attention of your wedding guests and make an unforgettable appearance.

2. Biyan

Indonesian culture will never be separated from the works of designer Biyan Wanaatmadja .

He often portrays his love for Indonesian culture through exploration with a variety of Indonesian literary fabrics or creates a series of collections dedicated to one of the regions in Indonesia such as his collection entitled Biyan Humba Hammu.

Biyan, who also co-designed an international wedding gown, is also one of the best designers you can choose when you are going to get married to a traditional style.

The talent in creating modern kebaya with contemporary styles to traditional clothes from various regions such as Padang customary in the photo above is no doubt.

Beading and embroidery techniques that are his trademark are certainly not something you need to doubt to make a wedding gown as the center of attention. 

3. Sapto Djojokartiko

Sapto Djojokartiko is famous for his work in creating resort- style wedding dresses with a mixture of feminine and edgy elements .

Every work that adopts Indonesian culture with neat craftsmanship , he also poured on the kebaya of contemporary marriage.

As you can see on the Instagram page @saptodjojokartikobride, the traditional kebaya designed by designers from the city of Solo, Central Java has created many modern kebaya weddings.

Complex detail games with beading and embroidery techniques are used by Sapto in his works.

Blending modern kebaya with balanced traditional elements makes the design of the kebaya still look magnificent without looking excessive.

4. Eddy Betty

The skill of designer Eddy Betty, who has been in the fashion industry for 20 years, also turns out that she poured it on a kebaya wedding for traditional marriage.

Her love for the beauty of Indonesian women is poured on a collection titled Kinasih which is a collection of contemporary kebaya. 

Talentnya in creating a bustier does not forget he applied on the design kebaya which will certainly make the wearer look slim.

In addition, as seen in one of the design look , designer Eddy Betty's tips that combine elements of modern dresses with kebaya can be the right solution for those who like modern style.

5. Ghea Fashion Studio

Ghea Fashion Studio, led by designer Ghea Panggabean, is a label that makes various print motifs in various regions in Indonesia as a characteristic of its design.
His love in adopting the cultural heritage of the archipelago which he then applied on the gown, cloth wrapped around to the kebaya, made his design work also right for you to wear as a dress when undergoing traditional rituals before the wedding day arrives. 

One of his works that attracts attention is a dress sewn from Prada material in this photo.
A dress that looks magnificent and elegant like the clothes of the archipelago's aristocracy will certainly wrap you beautifully when going through various traditional ceremonies that you need to go through. 

6. Svarna By Ikat Indonesia

Svarna by Ikat Indonesia is the main line of Ikat Indonesia label alerts that focus on wedding dresses and evening dresses.

The label, founded by designer Didiet Maulana in 2015, was originally a label specifically dedicated to traditionally-based weddings or weddings that use elements of traditional rituals.

Not surprisingly, this label design dress has become part of many traditional-style weddings with different custom themes.

One of his beautiful works can be seen in the first photo section, where he designed a very beautiful Toraja wedding gown.

The dress, which was applied with thousands of pearls and crystals, had very neat and neat details.

Didiet's expertise in designing a variety of custom wedding attire with a magnificent and luxurious you can see more fully on the Instagram page @svarnabyikatindonesia.


7. Ferry Sunarto

Label Ferry Sunarto has long been in the kebaya industry in the country. Kebaya design designs that evolve according to the times to make the works of kebayanya still loved today.

Ferry's way of designing a kebaya that is not too nailed to a custom, making his work can be worn flexibly for a variety of traditional wedding events.

For those of you who want to wear feminine pastel colors on your wedding day, Ferry Sunarto is the right designer for you.

Soft pastel color palette became Ferry's mainstay in creating a feminine modern kebaya.

His love for feminine matters is also developed by creating a lot of kebayaet mermaidet or peplum that will make your kebaya look like an evening gown.

8. Vera Kebaya

The Vera Kebaya label established by Vera Anggraini has a modern and simple design line.
The application of kebaya that does not seem excessive is a way for Vera to attract the interest of young people who prefer something simple.
The rise of traditional marriage marriage lately, success makes the Vera Kebaya label increasingly in demand.
Celebrities such as Raisa to the daughter of the President, Kahiyang Ayu, seemed to have worn their elegant kebaya designs.

Although it carries a more simple and modern style in its design kebaya, it does not reduce the grandeur of its design kebaya to be used as a traditional wedding gown.

Embroidery details and complicated beading techniques like works of art will still make anyone who wears a Vera design kebaya look elegant and stand out .

9. Yasra Kebaya

Are you wearing a hijab? For those of you who wear the hijab and will wear a kebaya on your wedding day later, the Yasra Kebaya label can be an option.

Muslim kebaya label intended for women who wear hijab has beautiful modern kebaya works to wear on your special day. 

In addition to those of you who wear the hijab, the Yasra Kebaya label, led by Yasra Hayati, is also suitable for you who want to wear bright colors on your wedding day.

The colors red, gold and green are often used as the basic color palette for the Yasra kebaya which will certainly steal the attention of the guests of your wedding invitation later. 

10. The era of Soekamto

Era Soekamto's designers are one of the many Indonesian designers who have adopted Indonesia's cultural heritage.
Kebaya design has also been trusted by many celebrities to wear as their wedding dresses.
This era, which also serves as the creative director of the label Iwan Tirta, has a classic kebaya design line that uses a lot of soft white palettes.

Making kebaya the design is very appropriate to wear when married.

In addition to kebaya, various kaftans that are sewn using draperic techniques, symmetrical silhouettes or juxtaposition can also be found in one of the designs.

Kaftan designs that use a lot of feminine color palette and delicate materials such as tulle and silk you can make the option to wear as a beautiful ensemble for the ritual towards your wedding day. 

(Photo:, @biyanofficial, @saptodjojokartikobride, @eddybetty, @gheafashionstudio, @svarnabyikatindonesia, @ferrysunarto, @verakebaya, @yasrakebaya, @erasoekamto; Layout : Tevia Andriani

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