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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

11 Inspiration for the Modest and Up-to-date Dress of Eid 2020, from Tunic - Dress

 The Eid moment is certainly the most awaited day for Muslims around the world. Because, Eid becomes a day of celebration after a month of fasting. Naturally, when the Eid gives the best from food to appearance.

It has become a common event that occurs when Eid many offer various models of Eid clothes. Various clothing traders ranging from traditional markets to modern stores will certainly be flooded with orders for Eid clothes. Quite often markets or shops offering Eid clothes are invaded by Muslims to buy Eid clothes according to their tastes

In addition to being a celebration after a month of fasting, the moment of Eid is also a time to gather with extended families and make friends with the closest people. Surely at this moment you want to look more presentable, beautiful, comfortable and attractive.

But besides wanting to give the best appearance during Eid, surely you must know the fashionable and modern Eid clothes for 2020. So that the appearance will be more trendy when Eid later.

Then how about the 2020 Eid clothes?

Before the moment of Eid 2020, various Eid clothes designers have provided leaks or recommendations on the fashionable and contemporary Eid 2020. One of them is the fashion designer Barli Asmara who gave a leak of the Eid 2020 clothes model.

"Now, it is more loved by Eid clothes which are called ruffle, a bit bohemian, there is a classic, vintage shade. Longer dress model, if the tunic may be a short dress so it is a tunic. If it is worn, the hijab might be added with leggings or skirts." Said Barli Asmara, like reported from the YouTube account

Here are 11 inspirations for the 2020 Eid clothes, which are fashionable and contemporary from the Eid tunic clothes to dress models.


1. Gamis Ruffle


Inspiration Eid 2020 clothes models with ruffle models will be the trend of Eid 2020 clothes that you can choose. This model has the characteristics of a wave at the end of the robe and in the middle of the clothing model. So it looks to have a ruffle that increasingly makes the appearance more elegant.

2. Tunic with Belt


Inspiration for the Eid 2020 clothes you can wear a tunic shirt by adding a belt and pants. In addition, a little motif with gold accents can add to your clothes when Eid is more fashionable and contemporary.

3. Tunics with Skirts


Furthermore, you can also choose the 2020 Eid clothes with a complete tunic model wearing a skirt. Besides pastel colors and motifs you can choose to complement the fashionable and up-to-date appearance of Eid 2020 later.

4. Pastel Color Dress


You can choose the inspiration for the modern and modern Eid 2020 clothes with pastel colors like mint green, ice blue, terracotta, green and natural colors. So that you can make a dress with these colors as inspiration for the Eid 2020 clothes model.

5. Model Patern


To inspire the Eid 2020 clothes model, you can use a patern model with both tunic and robe shapes. In addition, the addition of unique patterns such as this clothing model can be an option so that the appearance is more small and present.

6. Dark Color Dress


Dark-colored dress with a plain top and a ruffle motif skirt can be an inspiration for the 2020 Eid clothes that are certainly fashionable and up to date. With this color dress will give a strong and charming impression when Eid later.

7. Dress OOTD


One of the trends, fashionable and contemporary inspiration is the Eid 2020 you can choose a dress like this model. Basic pastel colors with a touch of motifs and additions such as scarves that match the hijab will increasingly make an appearance when Eid and modern Eid.

8. Lace and Tulle Dress


You can also choose the inspiration for 2020 Eid clothes with lace and tulle. The addition of lace to the robe or dress will look more elegant and attractive. So with the 2020 Eid clothes like this could be the right choice.

9. Unique Motif Dress


Dress which is a collection from Hijup can be an inspiration choice for the current and fashionable Eid 2020 clothes. This dress has a unique motif from nature that will make you look more cool and fashionable.

10. Kaftan Pastel color


Kaftan is still an inspiration for the 2020 Eid clothes which is very suitable to wear. Besides looking more elegant, using a kaftan also looks more comfortable. You can choose the inspiration for the 2020 Eid clothes with pastel colored kaftans.

11. Dress Bohemian


Bohemian is a designation for a style that has the impression of being one with nature. In this case the dress model with a bohemian dress motif can be an inspiration for the Eid 2020 model. The bohemian style is also very suitable to be worn for young people who tend to like contemporary and modern fashion styles.
Now that's 11 inspiration for the fashionable and contemporary Lebaran clothes, from tunics to dresses. You can choose the inspiration for the 2020 clothes as clothes that will be worn during Eid later.

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