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Friday, July 31, 2020

190 The Name of a Muslim Girl and Its Meaning, Beautiful and Full of Meaning

Every parent always wants their children to grow into someone who is useful and successful in the afterlife. So do not be surprised if parents always choose and give the best name for their children. Besides being used for life, the name is also a reflection of the prayers and hopes of parents for their children.

Many Muslim parents choose and name their children using the names of Islamic figures from the Koran. This is intended so that one day their children have a noble personality in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

For those of you who are deciding on a name for a baby, here are the names of beautiful and meaningful Islamic daughters that you can make references to.

Islamic Girl Names

1. Atika Fithriya Tsabita: Someone with a noble and strong heart.

2. Arumi Nasha Razeta: Descendants of the beautiful daughter of Prophet Adam like a fragrant flower.

3. Afifah Hilya Nafisah: Women who are valuable and have high glory.

4. Abidah Daniya: Worshiper.

5. Abidah Khairiyah: Women who are diligent in worship and are good.

6. Adawiyatul Mariah: A beautiful Sufi woman whose life is beautiful.

7. Afifah Ghaliyati: A woman who is always herself.

8. Afifah Talita: Girl who has self-respect.

9. Athifah Farihan: Feeling happy.

10. Athira Ardillah: which is fragrant and pleasing to Allah SWT.

11. Athifah Farihan: Feeling happy.

12. Atikah Balqis: The great generous queen.

13. Ayduha Huwaida: A woman whose hands are full of tenderness.

14. Azhar Husniah: Beautiful Flowers.

15. Azizah Khairunniswah: Noble women are as good as women.

16. Azizah Talita: Noble woman.

17. Azizah Zahidah: Her heart is noble and humble.

18. Azka Aulia: Clean and full of love.

19. Azka Khairunnisa: Beautiful women who become the best women.

20. Bahiyya Atiqa Faiha: beautiful, beautiful and many advantages.

21. Balqis Khansa Alya: A woman of high rank and well like the queen of Balqis.

22. Badiyah Burairah: Beautiful like a full moon that always does good.

23. Badiyah Burairah: Beautiful Like A Full Moon That Always Does Good.

24. Badriyah Aridhah: A woman who shines brightly like a full moon.

25. Badriyah Fatinah: Beautiful As A Full Moon That Draws Your Heart.

26. Bahijah Musfirah: A woman who is always happy and radiant.

27. Bahirah Najibah: A beautiful and generous woman.

28. Bahjah Dalilah: who is happy and becomes a bright path.

29. Balighah Hasna: Beautiful Women who are Speechful.

30. Balqis Adzra: the honorable queen of balqis.

31. Balqis Bahiyyah: Queen Who Has Beauty.

32. Balqis Ufaira: Like the brave queen of balqis.

33. Chayra Ainin Qulaibah: The good that comes from the eyes of the pure heart.

34. Chayra Rahmah Jamilah: a beautiful woman full of kindness and great love.

Islamic Girl Names

35. Daliyah Ghaidaq: A fertile vine.

36. Daniyah Thayyibah: who is close to Allah and good.

37. Dariah Askanah (the meaning of the name of an Islamic female baby) A Kind, Gentle Woman.

38. Dariah Fitriyani: Softness of a Holy Child.

39. Dazkiyyah Basighah: who is intelligent and charming.

40. Dianah Hanifah: A woman who is straight in her religion.

41. Dianna Syarifah: A glorious heaven.

42. Dilara Shafiyatunnisa: A holy woman who can adorn her heart.

43. Dina Fitriyyah: a sacred religion.

44.Dina Nabila: a noble religion.

45. Diyana Syauqia: Like a religion that is missed.

46. ​​Diyanah Husniah: A beautiful religion.

47. Diyanah Islamiyah: Islam

48. Erina: Beautiful woman

49. Ermina: Friendly

50. Eshal: Flowers of heaven.

51. Ezzah: Someone who gives honor.

51. Fadhila: Virtue, Excellence.

52. Fadhilah: Glory.

53. Fadiyah: the sheltered.

54. Fadwa: Sacrifice, Savior, Intermediate.

55. Fadwah: Self-sacrifice.

56. Fahima: Smart, people who understand.

57. Fahimah: Understanding.

58. Faiha: Heavenly-scented.

63. Fakihah: Fruits.

64. Farhah: Pleasure, Joy.

65. Fariah: High, Noble.

66. Ghadah Rahimah: a gentle and loving woman.

67. Ghaliyatul Hayah: a meaningful life.

68. Ghina Ulya Syarifah: Virtuous and dignified woman.

Muslim Girl Names

69. Hadziqah Khairunnisa: Clever women are as good as women.

70. Hafizah Syarifah: A noble woman who memorizes the Qur'an.

71. Hafsha Kamilatunnisa: A woman with a perfect personality.

72. Hafshah Syarifah: A noble woman.

73. Ibnatu Alifah: A friendly and well-liked woman.

74. Inas Haura: A white woman who is easy to get along with.

75. Declare: Famous, Famous.

78. Izzah: Honor, Success.

79. Jahida: Helping the weak.

80. Jahizah: equipped.

81. Run: Noble, Great.

82. Jamiah: who unites.

83. Jamilah: Beautiful and elegant.

84. Jasmin: Jasmine Flower.

85. Jaudah: Beautiful, Main.

86. Far Away: Pearls, Jewelry.

87. Jazima: Decisive.

88. Jihan: Beautiful flower, heavenly place.

89. Jizah: Gifts.

90. Juhainah: Parks, Gardens.

91. Juhairah: Loud, Loud.

92. Kamila Ulfa: Perfect friendship.

93. Kamilah Adlillah: A perfect woman who gets the justice or grace of Allah.

94. Kamilia Nabita: The new woman grows like a green kamilia tree.

95. Karimah Haffafah: A noble woman full of peace.

96. Karimah Khairunniswah: noble women as good as women.

97. Karamah Hanifah: Honorable Muslim Honor.

98. Katifah Husniah: Beautiful Tapestry.

99. Khadziya nisrina: A fragrant white rose.

100. Khadziyah Naflah: A fragrant rose.

Muslim Girl Names 
101. Lailah Haffafah: A luminous night.

102. Lailah Latifah: Night of longing.

102. Lamiah Talita: An excellent woman.

103. Lathifah Haura: A Charming White Woman.

104. Latifah Fajriyah: A gentle woman who acts as a light at dawn.

105. Layanah Hilmiyatuha: A woman of subtle tenderness.

106. Layyan Talita: The tenderness of a woman.

107. Lulu Mariah: A beautiful woman adorned with pearls.

108. Lubna Naimah: A smart woman who gets pleasure.

109. Nazihah: Clean from stains.

110. Nikmah: Enjoyment.

111. Nimra: Gentle.

112. Nismah: Breeze.

113. Nisrina: White roses.

114. Conscience: Bright, Glowing.

115. Nurjannah: The light of heaven.

116. Nuwairah: A small glowing fire

117. Nuzhah: Recreation.

118. Oadira: Strong, Effective.

119. Oaisara: Emperor's wife.

120. Oamra: Moon.

121. Obaidiyah: The woman of Allah's bond.

122. Oma: The giver of life.

123. Omaira: Awesome, Bintang.

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Islamic Girl Names 

124. Part: Bahagia.

125. Qismiyyah: Beautiful face.

126. Qistina: Justice.

127. Qoidah: Leader.

128. Qomar: Month.

129. Qomariah: Month.

130. Qonitah: Devotion, long standing prayer.

131. Qoriah: Reader.

132. Qoribah: Close.

133. Qorirah: A cool view.

134. Qosamah: Beauty, Beauty.

135. Qotrunnada: Dewdrop.

136. Qudsiyyah: Purity, Blessing.

137. Rafilah Khaidah: A graceful daughter.

138. Rahimah Anisah: A graceful woman who is friendly and kind.

139. Rahimah Talita: A loving woman.

140. Rahmah Shofiyyah: Sincere love and sincere friends.

141. Rahmah Syafiah: A loving woman who gives help.

142. Rahmat Atiqah: A beautiful woman full of love.

143. Raihanah Hakimah: A wise woman carries a raihanan plant in the garden of paradise.

144. Raihanah Hisrina: A fragrant white rose plant.

145. Sadira: Shining star.

146. Sadiya: the lucky ones.

147. Safa: Clarity, Purity of Mind, Peace.

148. Safanah: Making a ship, Hard wind.

149. Safiyya: Good friend.

150. Safura: Golden.

151. Sahirah: Open space that is easy to trace, Straight and White Land.

152. Saida: Beautiful, Kind.

153. Saidah: Happy, Lucky.

154. Sajidah: Prostration.

155. Sakinah: Authoritative, Peace of mind because of God.

156. Salimah: Congratulations.

157. Salma: Born safely.

158. Salsabila: Name of a spring in heaven.

159. Salwa: Tranquility, Quail, Honey.

160. Samahah: Chest Space, Honor, Facilities, Degree for a mufti.

161. Samihah: Gentle.

162. Samira: A precious stone.

163. Tharifah: Rarely

164. Tisha: Live.

165. Tsamara: Buah.

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