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Friday, July 31, 2020

beautiful baby girl names take from the names of female figures in Islam

Many names can be used as inspiration for baby girl names, one of which Mams can take from the names of female figures in Islam. Hopefully the personality of the following figures can be used as hope for Mampaps for the Little One. Let's look at the inspirations of baby girl names from the following Islamic figures!

Baby Girl Names from Islamic Figures

' Aisyah

'Aisyah bint Abu Bakr was the woman most loved by the Messenger of Allah. He has good intelligence and memorization. 'Aisha is a woman who has knowledge and masters three fields of science namely jurisprudence, health science and poetry. He had a beautiful face and flushed white skin until the Apostle called him Humaira, which means "reddish".

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The name of the baby girl from an Islamic leader, one of the Apostles' wives, could certainly be used as inspiration for the name of the Little One.

'Aisyah Fara Mufida: A noble, happy and useful woman
Najla 'Aisyah Humaira : A noble woman with beautiful black eyes and reddish cheeks
'Aisyah Fakhra Zakiyah: Noble woman who is kind and intelligent
Hana 'Aisyah : A noble noble woman
'Aisyah Fajrina Gazhala : A noble woman, born in the morning and intelligent
the name of a baby girl from an Islamic figure

Maryam bint Imran is one of the inhabitants of heaven. No wonder if he became a woman who should be emulated by all Muslim women. He has a strong and firm faith despite great trials. Mary is very good at maintaining her purity. In addition, Mary is the only woman whom Allah calls her name in the Koran and even becomes the name of a letter. About 30 times the name Maryam is mentioned in the Koran. Hopefully the Little One can emulate the noble qualities that exist in Mary, yes, Mams.

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The series of baby girl names from Islamic figures inspired by the name Mayam:

Maryam Ulfa Zahida : A noble woman, friendly and happy to fast
Wardah Maryam Maida : A noble woman, beautiful like a rose
Jauharah Maryam : A noble woman, a precious woman
Haura Maryam Isya : A white, black-eyed heavenly woman who was born during the evening
Maryam Sausan Zarina : A woman in heaven, beautiful and fragrant like flowers
Asiyah bint Muzahaim was the wife of Pharaoh. His determination to keep worshiping God made him one of the inhabitants of heaven. Despite being opposed and even tortured by Pharaoh, Asiyah remained steadfast in worshiping God with her sincere faith. Asiyah is also a woman that God gave her a picture of heaven.

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A range of names inspired by Asiyah:

Tsurayaa Ranaa Asiyah : A constellation of beautiful, noble women
Asiyah Qanita Nimra: A noble, obedient and gentle woman
Nailah Asiyah Thara : A woman who is blessed with glory and wealth
Asiyah Salwa : Women who inhabit heaven as sweet as honey
Zoya Asiyah : A woman in heaven who cares and lives in joy
Baby girl names from Islamic figures

Hafshah bint Umar is one of the wives of the Prophet. She was the only wife of Rasulullah who was good at reading and writing, even though the skills were still strange to be controlled by women at that time. With this skill, he collected the pages of the Qur'an so that he became the first person to have a mushaf. In addition to being smart, he is also tough and diligent in seeking knowledge.

Baby girl names from Islamic figures

Mams can use the baby girl name of the Islamic leader Hafshah for Little by referring to the following set of names.

Aliza Ghaida Hafshah : A child whose life is happy, a smart young man
Hafshah Inas Ismah : A smart woman who is kind and good at caring
Safa Hafshah Sajida: An  intelligent woman who prostrates in peace
Hafshah Zeba Zahida : Beautiful intelligent woman and ascetic to the world
Chana Hafshah Benazir : A smart and unique beloved child
Well, Mams that's the name of a baby girl from an Islamic character. Hopefully by inserting the role of a model woman in the name of the Little One can make Little One a good personality like the character. What is Mampaps' favorite baby girl name?



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